TEAM 1396 Ultimate Ascent Robot

Hey guys, check out our completed robot for the 2013 season! Comment your thoughts! Enjoy!

I think we’re using the same winches… :wink:

Are you purposefully climbing slowly? What motor(s) are you using on your climbing mechanism, and what reductions are you going through? I love your design, and the 20 point climb is a great addition to any alliance, however I think you can probably do it in half the time it took you.

That ability alone will make you guys a player at NY. Even in such a massive field I think you guys make eliminations this year, good to see 1396 taking big steps forward.

Yes, this test we were going slow just to make sure everything was working properly. Also, our driver wasn’t fully acquainted with the controls. Before we bagged it, I believe our final time was 30 seconds, which leaves room for some defense. There is only one motor on our winch which is a BaneBot Motor on a relay.