Team 1403 Design Calculator

Hello CD,

Team 1403 is proud to present their first design calculator, the 1403 Belt, Chain, and Gear Calculator. The calculator has 5 tabs, 3 of which are for calculation, 1 of which is a data/info tab, and the last of which is the homepage.

The homepage has info about how to use the calculator and how to make a copy. Since it is Google Sheets based, the file is set to view only, and you will need to make a copy for local use. This can be done by clicking File and then Make a Copy.

The Chain calculator allows you to find number of links given two sprockets and a center to center distance, or the center to center distance given the number of links, and the two sprockets used. For the sprocket choices, there is a dropdown which allows you to choose from sprockets available from FRC COTS suppliers (Vexpro and Andymark). After the sprocket is selected, it will show you the part number for both the driven and driving sprockets from the corresponding vendor it is available in, along with different versions of the sprocket if applicable. Furthermore, if you are trying to find the number of links, it will tell you whether or not you will need a Whole Link, Half Link, or a tensioner based on the number of links. There is an option to calculate for either #25 or #35 chain.

The belt calculator works similarly. Because of the lack of a good selection of pulleys from Vex and Andymark, there is no dropdown for the pulley calculator, but there are a few pulley options available on the two sites, and a very wide selection from vendors such as SDP/SI (the vendor 1403 uses). The calculator works similarly to the Chain calculator, except the pulley teeth counts have to be manually entered rather than through a dropdown. You can either find belt tooth numbers from a center to center distance and two pulleys, or a center to center distance from a belt tooth count and two pulleys. These calculations are available for both 2, 3, and 5 mm pitch belts.

Finally, the gear reduction calculator has a dropdown to choose from the different 20DP and 32DP gears available. There is an option to toggle between the 20DP and 32DP gear selections. Based on your selection, it will give you the corresponding part numbers, the reduction ratio, and the center to center distance for the two gears.

Team 1403 hopes that the calculator can help teams with gearing their robot, and makes choosing parts or different gearing options easier and faster. If anybody has any questions or input, feel free to reach out and contact either me, or email [email protected].

Thank you!


I’ve seen the development of this spreadsheet over the past year or so, and I can honestly say it’s incredibly helpful. Being able to get the part numbers at the same time that you derive your calculations is a massive time saver, and I’ve personally been using it since I saw it last year.

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