Team 1405 gets driving!

Here is the first time our robot drove! I’m on the controls and the cheerleading coach is the girl who almost gets hit. Our super math teacher mentor Mr. L is recording.

We temporarily threw a caster on the front while our secret weapon is being further developed. We reportedly reached 14 fps during testing today.


Now we can plan to crush you at RIT HAHAHA. I’m Joking, it is really fast and looks really strong

Do you guys have powered wheels on one end and casters on the other?

haha Dennis, you just wait until the secret weapon comes out

Aaron: we have the back two wheels powered and we temporarily threw a caster on the front until our design is complete

It looks like it almost hit there someone on the way…
Be careful there someone can get hurt…

was she at least wearin safety glasses? :smiley:

she might have had safety pom poms

1405 is Primed and Painted! Special thanks to team mom Mrs. B (AKA my mom haha)


Painted Sky Blue:

Curiosity has me wondering, why the gratuitous amounts of kitbot? Not that it’s necessarily a bad choice; I’m more interested in knowing what went into making the decision.

We needed two levels, and we figured kitbot is light and cheap. Last year we fabricated our own frame from the aluminum square stock that you can see in this year’s vertical posts and it was very heavy (for good reason, it was a tank). This year we had lots of extra kitbot laying around so we decided to weld it all together and shazamm, you have Charles V

Your secret weapon isn’t some sort of steering mechanism that someone is designing is it?

shutup kevin that was supposed to be a secret

well I guess it’s ok since you’re designing it, but it will be much more OK once you change your team number from 596 to 1405 since 1405 is where you’ve been the past three seasons

What are you talking about, I’m not on your team.

yea yea let’s see what you say after the Patriots lose

then you won’t want to be associated with Boston in any way. Except for the Red Sox. Or the Celtics. Or the Bruins. crap

Yes I do like the Patriots and the Celtics and Red Sox they’re still the best no matter what.

Chassis top view, front 2 wheels are temporary

Side view including electrical board and battery box, once again the andymark wheels are temporary

battery box, thanks GRR 340 + 424 for letting us use their bender

From what i can see, you have 6 victors, so 4 go to the motors, 1 may go to some kind of a arm, then i think the 6th must go to some kind of steering.

you’re spot on about the 6th, but the 5th is for the other side of the steering (just in case 1 motor isn’t enough)

no motors on our manipulator, just cylinders (so far)

So you guys are going with a car or go-Kart like steering.

car type, we have a rack and pinion (kinda) with a potentiometer