Team 1410 Needs Help at the St. Louis Regional

Hello all,

Team 1410 is thrilled to be attending the St. Louis Regional this year! We’ve heard great things about the event and are pleased to be the first Colorado team in over ten years to go.

However, we are in need of a bit of help. Because our team flies to our out of state regional events, we bring a bit of a skeleton team (approximately 12 students). This presents a dilemma in terms of scouting. Because we have about 5 people in pits and 3 on drive team, we only usually have 4 scouts available. Because of this, we are looking for another team attending the regional that would want to/be willing to collaborate with us for scouting. This would involve sharing scouts and data collection methods during the qualification matches.

Your team does not need to have any scouting experience. Our team has been seriously scouting for about 6 years now, and we lead a kickoff presentation on scouting. All our scouts are well versed with every data collection method from paper to scouting apps. If your team is interested/willing to help, feel free to send me a PM or email me at [email protected].

Also, if anyone has food recommendations near the venue, we would greatly appreciate that as well.

I’ll send this post along to 4329 who may want to help you guys.

Food recommendations - as much Pappy’s BBQ as possible. It’s about an 8 minute walk from Chaifetz Arena.

I’m originally from STL (have lived in NYC for about 10 years now)…here’s what I miss (and get every year at CMP - I’m going to miss it when it’s in Detroit!) - Imo’s Pizza. Super thin crust, Provel cheese, there’s no way you can go wrong there.

Another thing that I miss but really don’t get at CMP - Ted Drewe’s frozen concretes! Was a once in a while treat while in STL, we have something similar here in NYC (made by another St. Louis transplant, Danny Meyer!) called Shake Shack, but it’s just not the same…

I was surprised to see you guys on the St. Louis attendance list, but I also commend you for going somewhere unfamiliar and completely new. From a fellow Colorado team, I wish you the best of luck at St. Louis. Represent Colorado well!

This will be our first year at the St. Louis Regional since 2008, but we would be happy to share scouting data with you. We should have plenty of people around to help you out if you need anything else as well.

We are looking forward to coming to St. Louis, we have met a lot of the teams from the other side of the state at various competitions and they are always very nice and helpful.

If you are looking for fun evening entertainment, our team always plans an evening at the City Museum. It is totally unique and awesome…and also a bit exhausting.

Team 1208 will be happy to collaborate with team 1410, in scouting or anything else that will make your visit to St. Louis a positive experience. We are a short 20 minute drive from the venue and can assist with tools, carts, batteries, etc. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Differing opinions on Imo’s - my experience was a hot circle of cardboard with provel cheese on top. Recommend avoiding at all costs.

Ted Drew’s custard on the other hand is great, definitely worth it.

But seriously get Pappy’s, you won’t be disappointed and it’s convenient to the venue. Also the City Museum is fantastic for students to run around in, it’s a good time.

Rosalitas Cantina!!! Kind of a joke on 5406 but we have adopted it as well. In all seriousness though good Mexican restaurant.

For Stl natives, that cardboard is fantastic!!! It’s definitely a local favorite, and it seems people who have not grown up here do not tend to enjoy it. That said, it’s one of those foods where you either love it or you hate it. Everyone loves Pappy’s, though.

We wish you guys the best in STL. It’ll be fun to play with you in Colorado again!

Team 4329 (Lutheran Roboteers) from St. Charles MO would be happy to assist Team 1410.

I’ll send you our contact info via e-mail.

+1 coming from a native St. Louisan. (Imos at first taste isn’t…well…great if you’ve never had it before). The city museum is a great place to run around in regardless of age or size.

If you don’t mind going into the county, the Delmar loop is a great area to find restaurants. The loop was voted one of the 7 best streets in America or something a few years back. (I love Vernon’s barbecue which is about a block from the loop).

+1 on the city museum

It was fun competing with you guys at cttd a couple years back! Enjoy STL regional!

Thanks all for the many food recommendations and offers of help! Almost not sure if we are going to have time to eat ourselves through that list and settle the Imo’s pizza dilemma!

ROAD TO ROSALITAS!!! Thats what we call our pilgrimage to champs every year. Definitely if your time and budget allow take your team there. They accommodate large groups which is awesome even though it is a smaller restaurant. Our team loved the self serve taco bar they set up for us last year!

Best of luck this year team 1410 and to all others competing in FIRST STEAMworks! :smiley: