Team 1425's Website

Here’s ours for this year

It still has a few things being worked on, but for the most part it is complete.
Any feedback would be great!


I have a pet peeve I’ll share with you. When I go to sites, I expect their layout to stay constant within the site. When it changes, it annoys me.
I found this to be true when the width of your white box with content in the center changed widths between the home/about/calendar/blog and media/forums pages. Also, changes in where the top of the box is different in the forums and the blog as opposed to other places.

Now that I’ve pointed out a few possible areas of work, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Try to figure out if you can do with a constant width for all of your page
  2. If you can’t do 1, Move the info page after the blog page, so all “fat” pages are in the beginning, and all thin ones are at the end (in the order of appearance on the top)
  3. Try to organize the ad and the search bars (in forums and blog) differently so you don’t have the difference in where the top of the box is.

Having said this, I would like to say that these are merely suggestions, meant purely as constructive criticism. You are free to ignore me if you wish.

Except for that basic thing, I like the site. There is a lot of good content there. And congratulations on the 2004 website excellence award.