Team 1444 Website

Hey give me some ideas, of what to add! Give me some feedback. We are trying to get it up and running!



any chance we can get a link?:wink:


The link is in his avatar -

I really like the way the the menus and banners run out on the “rack and pinion” type thing, but I would up the speed at least 5-7 X though.

Cool website :yikes: im liking the organization of the menus

thats an awesome site… i wish i new how to use flash (better)…lol

keep up the good work and don’t forget about the website judging critera in the awards section of the manual.


I have two issues with it. It looks really nice, but on my home Internet connection, which is pretty good compared to a lot of services I’ve used, it still loads quite slow (the flash version). The only other thing is that the FIRST logo in the upper left doesn’t meet the FIRST standards for use of their logo. I forget where to find the manual on that, but I remember that it must maintain the original aspect ratio. It’s good that it’s still on black, but it looks slightly strectched. That shouldn’t be a very difficult fix.

EDIT: Another thing I just noticed… the loading bar on the flash version never went away. You might want to work on that.

I really like the way the the menus and banners run out on the “rack and pinion” type thing, but I would up the speed at least 5-7 X though.

I agree. The Flash animation looks awesome, but it takes an eternity for it to play.

Thanks for all the feedback. I am aware of the slow loading issue, and since the site was designed last year by another team member, I am working closely with him, as I try to figure out how he set everything up. Is there any specific pages loading slowly? I am aware the picture pages are slow.

Addressing the issue of the loading bar never going away: It appears that you visited when I had accidentally uploaded a version of the home page, that was not working.

Thanks oh and sorry for missing the link. I will fix it!

I too liked your opening in flash, and agree that it needs to be quicker; you should also give a “skip opening” as an option. I know I rarely choose flash sites because they take too long to open. I like the revolving FIRST logo, I hope that you can make it meet the standard, because that is really cool. I really liked the sponsors forming the links across the top of the page as it moved across. Maybe you can add their links and the link to the sponsor page on them as well.

Overall I would say you need to add more graphics to give it kick. But you will need to watch the size to keep the page loading time down.

I did spend some time on the sponsor pages (which opened dreadfully slow in HTML) On the flash site I found that there were a few of the logos without links, but acted like a link was there (Delta Gas and the red and white shield logo) Speaking of the red and white shield logo, you need to add a company name to it since it isn’t incorporated in the logo. And the Trinity Products had a bad link, I think it is a typo on your end. I hope you will add similar links on the HTML site.

On the home page in flash, I could not get the link to your HS or to to work. On the HTML page, the link was ok, and it looked like you hadn’t tried to add a link to your HS yet.

I can’t wait to go back and see more of the content once it has been added! Great start and good luck!

I too liked your opening in flash, and agree that it needs to be quicker; you should also give a “skip opening” as an option.

I thought that also. I love the opening, but if you want to get to the information, a skip option may be good.

Also, maybe a couple more photos to spruce it up a bit.

Overall, it looks really good!

There is a SKIP button on the bottom left

I just checked out the HTML version real quick here, and just have the suggestion to check the manual for the website award criteria about the logo standards. Looks to me like you are using an older one. No biggie. The classic logo is still cool for us old schoolers. lol

Other than that I like the HTML version, and will check the flash one when I get home (and actually am on a computer with a good .swf media viewer).

Ok, I found the “Skip” button, it works really well. But you need to move it to the top left corner where it will be visible on all monitors. I never thought to scroll down and over to find it. :o

Just a quick note. The HTML version is out of date. I will be updating that sometime next week. I have staggered my work load, to get the flash done first, and then spend a few days writing the html pages. So… Thanks!

Well, the site is just about ready for me to submit… Take a look, and give me feedback! Thanks

I’m still getting the loading thing stuck on the Flash version. The whole HTML version looks quite pixelated. I don’t know if that’s a factor of how you created the image, or the format you saved them in, but it just looks choppy.

Hmm… for the flash loading issue, i don’t think that is an issue with the site. I haven’t heard that from anyone else… I will take a look at the HTML Site though. Thanks

Its very nice, my only problem is that the flash intro seemed to play slowly, I think you could speed it up maybe 2x or even 3x (it may have just been my computer, lol). Other than that, sweet!

The flash thing is actually working now. I don’t know what was up with it before.

Good to hear. I cleaned out some files last night that were old and useless. I don’t know if maybe one of them were interfering, if that is a possibility.