TEAM 1448 Build Progress

looks like things are coming along nicely! Very jealous of your progress! Unless, of course this is just a rumor :smiley: (you should probably post this in robot showcase rather than the rumor mill).

  1. It appears you are customizing the andymark kitbot chassis. how are you connecting your outer plate to the rest of the chassis?

  2. How will you be actuating your shooter?

  3. are the belts on your roller intake turning 90 degrees from motor to axle?

  4. I’ve never seen mecanum rollers like this, are they custom?

Very similar to Team JVN, but still looks great!


  1. We’re utilizing L brackets strategically placed, that attach directly into the chassis frame and the aluminum wafer/deck board.
  2. Our catapult’s energy is from surgical tubing(yet to be attached), and released by a free spinning winch or cam or some other magical technique.
  3. Yes.
  4. I’m not exactly sure, I believe we custom shopped these.

We’ve taking a lot of concepts from JVN and improved on them, cutting weight, conforming to rules, and we’ve also completely changed many things. But their ideas have definitely been a big part of our design.

Don’t worry, Boom Done have been a large inspiration to our designs.

Do you have any photos? I’d love to see what you guys have come up with.

Only thing built is the drivetrain, tomorrow we’ll have a final CAD and Monday we start building

Well keep us updated

These are older style rollers. We inherited a set from a different team. my guess is that they are from 2006 through 2008.

Awesome robot! You guys are cruising! Build quality looks great. Wishing you luck as we enter week three of build :smiley:

Thanks! I wasn’t completely sure. This year we’ve decided to ramp up our build season, and have our robot “done” in three weeks, so we can have practice time with our arena and robot, to dial everything in. So far we doing pretty well, we expect to have shooting mechanism done by wednesday so we can start working everything up.

That is a good goal! Seems to be a faster season all the way around. We are normally just laying the drive base of our robot out at this time (we spend a lot of time in prototyping). This year we have a rolling chassis and a superstructure that is scheduled to be finished tomorrow.

Here is a pic of the model. It rendered a little funny (cut off an inch off the bottom), but oh well :slight_smile:

Great look model. This season really is flying by. What type of shooting mechanism are you using to fire?

I don’t have a finished model of that, but I can offer you a concept.
The design itself is based on the 2008 robot built by Simbotics. I modified it to fit the smaller track balls as well as allow us to aim it. What it boils down to is a roller claw with a plunger. The roller aquires the ball, we then swing the claw up to firing position where we release a plunger (tensioned with surgical tubing) that punches the ball into the air.

Here is a video of Simbotics in action:
Here is a reference drawing that our prototype is based off of.

And a render of a half finished digital prototype for the plunger mechanism.

Thats definitely pretty ingenious. From your drawing your plunger is powered by a motor quickly spinning the plunger out if I’ve looked at it correctly?

Thank you :slight_smile:
I should have been more clear with the second rendering. There are two carriges that run on the 80/20 beams. The front one is connected to a PVC plunger and is held to the front of the track with surgical tubing. The second carriage is connected to the lead screw. The second carriage is powered forward after each shot, where it latches on to the first carriage using a pair of pistons and then draws the whole thing back. Its like cocking a crossbow. When we want to shoot the latches release and let the plunger (and first carriage) fly forward and punch the ball into the air.

What is not shown in the rendering is the surgical tubing, the plates that attach the plunger to the first carriage, and the plates that attach the lead screw to the second carriage.