Team 1448 Robot "50 points in 50 seconds"

This is a video of Team 1448’s (Parsons Kansas) 30pt climber with a frisbee dumper. The climb is completely autonomous and very stable. This is 6 weeks worth of dedication and hard-work. Enjoy and see you at the competitions!

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Very impressive robot folks. I can see that playing in eliminations in just about any regional event. What type of drive train do you have?

That is awesome. Is lining up on the corner difficult? We approached ours center front on the inside and we had to add a camera to line up correctly. I am wondering how you get lined up on corner climber, if you have a V shape that autocenters or something.

What makes this video so impressive isn’t just the climbing. it’s the fact that it’s completely autonomous! what kind of sensors do you use to be able to do this autonomously, and how much testing did you do?

That’s gonna be tough to beat.

Yah it is pretty difficult lining up the robot, but we have a c shaped alignment guide on the middle of the front of the robot(that is where our camera is) that guides the robot into position. Our driver’s are pretty skilled at lining it up now.


I love the big clunk over the corner connectors.

Our drivers manually line the robot into position, and then our climb sequence is initiated through our coding. Without our magical coder Geoff, the climb would be very difficult.

Thanks. Two motor driven front wheels, and two rear-wheel casters.

This is just awesome. I feel like you could speed things up though since it is happening fully autonomously. Can’t you cut out some of the pauses? The nice thing about auton is that it will always be the same and you don’t have to worry about needing to wait to be sure you are stable cause your stability will always be the same. In addition you can drop off the frisbees in the top goal earlier, why not have them go into the goal right when you are high enough to deposit them. If you don’t get it off by a few seconds in a match you will be kicking yourselves.

I hope you’re ready to deal with some intense defense on your way to and from picking up the colored disks.

Great work on the robot!

Everyone keeps bringing up intense defense on the climb and dumpers and I don’t know why. With a climber and dumper you have to make exactly one trip across the field, where most shooters will be making several trips.

Why would the shooters also not have to deal with this intense defense? Is it because of the big points a good climber and dumper can make? I see full court shooters being able to put up similar big points but little discussion of defense in those threads.

If the defense is going to be that intense on us climby/dumpy bots, then we can put up 30 uncontested points and not even move at all. I know that is our plan if we draw an all defense bot opposing alliance during regionals. How many shooters can put up 30 points without interference?

I just find this topic fascinating and it might be worthy of a topic of its own, but I see it in every climby/dumpy bot thread.

This robot, if impeded properly, will score only 20 points instead of 50 points.

That’s a pretty significant point swing for only playing defense on a robot for one minute.

There seems to be endless discussion of defense on full court shooters

I agree about the full court shooters if you are talking about someone parking in front of them to block. I guess I always saw that as a possibility in my mind when we came up with our strategy since the game seems designed that way. When I can be 84" tall on that side of the field and you only 60", I always saw that as a danger for the full court shot.

Defense can swing points in large ways for every robot out there. For shooters I think it can be just as big a swing as a climber. A climber with a 30 second climb has 1 minute 30 seconds to make one trip if they go for the 50 and for a large chunk of the game they are protected upon fear of 80 points if they are touching the pyramid. 30 points uncontested if you simply decide to climb right from autonomous position. A shooter is getting bashed into everytime it turns around unless it is in contact with a pyramid and even then some people might feel it is worth a foul to mess up your score.

I really do like this game because of all the strategy discussions, even before seeing all the cool mountain climbers like the one in this thread, or the frisbee rifles in other threads.

We will be able to get to the 30-45 second climb by changing the sprocket size, but we are content with our frisbee dump. Thanks for the comment!

You’re exactly right. And even if the defense is so good that they score no discs, they’re still good for 3rd level climb, which really can’t be stopped.

You may want to consider having your arm be able to pull away from the dumped discs somehow at the end of the routine so it is unquestionable that they are scored. Wouldn’t want them to settle in a position where they are touching the robot and not scoring you points!

I don’t get the 20pts only. If all else fails collecting the discs we can still do a 30pt climb.

Awesome and so well done. That is almost exactly the design that we failed to pull off…

I’m pretty sure, at least from what it looks like from your video, that your robot did extend past the 54" diameter. I hope this isn’t the case since bag & tag was yesterday. :frowning: