Team 148 - 2019 Season Recap Video

The Robowranglers are happy to share our 2019 Season Recap Video:

It’d be impossible to thank everyone who made our 2019 season a success, but we’d like to give a special recognition to our sponsors, Greenville ISD, Innovation First International and L3 Aerospace Systems, as well as all of our alliance partners from this season, teams 3310, 2657, 6672, 3282, 3035, 3847, 6829, & 2907.

#AllBlackEverything #TeamIFI


Wonder if 118 will recreate this video too


Every time that elevator moves I keep thinking the video is edited because it’s so darn fast. Great year for you guys, congrats!


That banner second from the left though…


Great job guys (as if you really needed me to tell you)! I really enjoyed watching Overhang in competitions this year! The 118 parody videos were very entertaining and the behind the scenes stuff and humor that was included in this video was really fun too.

They may have worked hardest for that one.

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