Team 148 JVN Blog?

Does anyone ever know what happened to JVN’s blog: The link is now broken for me but it was an incredibly inspirational blog for me to read. I loved all the little projects JVN put on there. One was a video of a world record rubber-band flying airplane that could fly for over an hour, another would be a “walking picnic table” that JVN would always comment on in the most interesting ways. JVN also in 2011 documented the whole design process for team 148 using secret-code words for different sub-mechanisms and it was amazing to learn from such an accomplished team how they carried out their design process.

I learned so much about design and iteration (I think it was called "Life is Iterative), does anyone know if it got moved or if they could convince JVN to bring it back? I don’t know if he knew how much it meant to some of us. Thanks so much!

Is an archived version okay?

Otherwise, I would not know why it is no longer live.

Wow, nice! Kinda wish there were pictures though… I would still really appreciate if someone could find something!

He pretty much vanished for a year, and Greg Nedel took over blogging the 148 process, but I think that died real quick.

This blog had some high quality content, and I really wish it would be brought back. Students today are really missing out on a treasure with this one.


I stopped blogging 148 when I left the team and IFI after the 2012 season. As much as I love to share the ins and outs of the FIRST season, I personally never felt that I had the time to do it justice.

I was hoping that what 2848 was doing with Make Magazine this year would be a good substitution, but we had to make the posts more general for the general public.

I would recommend checking out the Spectrum Blog, as Allen and his team does a great job at documenting their season.

Wow, that really is fantastic. I would certainly chip in to at least get it hosted again.
This level of description and detail is exactly what I am looking for to step up my team’s design knowledge. If I could point one of our top design students at a full version of this blog he would go crazy on it :slight_smile:

I sure missed that blog. 3476 design process is based on that blog. I also miss the video of 71’s 2002 season. The link is dead in the archive, is that video still floating around?

I have the 2002 season recap video on DVD somewhere at home (John was kind enough to send me copies a long, long time ago). I’ll poke around and see if I can find it.

I uploaded 2002 match video from their recap previously:


IRI Elims

To all those who haven’t read JVN’s blogs, I highly recommend them, especially 2011. 254’s blogs are great, but JVN really gave us a window into the mind of one of the best systems designers in FRC.

Speaking of great resources from the past, anyone know what happened to the EWCP podcasts? There were a lot of hidden gems on those calls, and I haven’t seen any new ones for a while.

Wow, Just read through this and found a TON of excellent goodies! Thanks for posting, and hopefully we can get pics back up…

I have the 2002 season recap video on DVD somewhere at home (John was kind enough to send me copies a long, long time ago). I’ll poke around and see if I can find it

Please do! I’m really interested in how teams iterate their designs, and this seems SUPER useful.

I miss it too, it’s on my portal page, I click it now and then to see if it has come back to life. So many good ideas!