Team 148 Robowranglers Autonomous on high and medium

Our programing team came through just in time for the Lonestar. This is our practice bot. Two examples of testing last night.

On the high goal with only one light visible to the robot.

On the medium goal the robot must choose which way to go.

Nice Job Guys… If only this years game gave more emphasis to keeper points -2 points is weak and also they should have made placing the ringers on top higher score too. These would help offset the ridiculous ramp bonus.

Having JVN and ChrisC is a great asset to your team for sure I see there influence on your design this year for sure.

A keeper is only 2 points if it’s alone. It can be worth 132, plus mitigate the spoiling potential of a row (further mitigation if multiple keepers are place correctly within a row).

Don’t underestimate auto mode this year. From what I have seen the very best robots average somewhere around 4 tubes per match (over the course of an event).

4 tubes = 16 pts.

Add one more tube…

5 tubes = 32 pts.

Suddenly your scoring half as much as a good ramp…:o :frowning:
All the same, 148 has a good shot at the Control Award :smiley:

ChrisC is definitely an asset and I definitely agree that the keeper can be huge.

We lost the first Final match at St. Louis by one tube. We scored our first tube 22 seconds in. The next 38 seconds was spent trying to extricate ourselves from a major robot pile up involving us, the Thunder Chickens and Team 1444, who was eventually shut down, I guess because they couldn’t get loose from Thunder Chickens arm. In the final minute we scored 4 more tubes as our alliance member, team 2133 held the technokats to three scattered tubes. We had the sixth tube right next to the spider leg as time ran out and the technokats ramped. Leaving us with a 38 to 32 loss. Would that keeper have helped? All I can say is, I have begged and schemed for the use of every available fixit window for autonomous mode developement. I was also happy to see team update #19 which could help the auto teams be more consistent.

Halfway through the second final match our gripper was damaged to the point it could not pick up tubes and I believe the Thunder Chickens were damaged as well. I don’t think a keeper would have helped us there. But who knows if we could have repaired the damage and gone on to win in the third match if we had scored a keeper in the first match.

And in case JVN is reading this. Yes, you are an asset too. You may have had a little to do with building the robot and the 8 straight qualifying match wins and the 4 elimination match wins. It was a great ride and I can’t wait for Houston.


Holy crap… you guys are officially dang near the perfect robot now :eek:

My thoughts on how much a keeper is worth [pertaining to this thread]: It has always seemed to me like a low keeper wouldn’t really be worth anything, since anyone can hit the bottom row, and it wouldn’t really help too much (the two points that everyone complains about). However, a top row keeper would be ridiculous when you’re the only bot on the field that can score the top row consistently (which I’m sure 148 has been/will be at least some times).