Team 148 - Robowranglers - Tumbleweed Video

A video of Tumbleweed:

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Yes sir Brandon awesome stuff. Perfect song too. Good luck this year to the wranglers and 47 too.

looking really good guys… good luck this year



S-E-X-Y I would of loved to make a drive train like that this year.

Wow, I can’t wait for St. Louis!

Great job guys.

you guys certainly built a fast little bot there, how many empty field laps can it do in 2:15 (including auto)?? i’ll be really interested to see how many hurdlers it can outscore. Seeing that the top hurdlers will probably only average 4-5 hurdles per match (if that… with 6 robots and 4 track balls on the field), i’m really interested in how many laps tumbleweed will be able to do with all that traffic on the field.

Nice , good speed and handling, how many motors do you guys have on your drive? I see one globe and 4 cims i thought i saw two more.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Amazing simply amazing. You have officially erased any negative opinions I have ever had about a lap-runner bot. Lol Have you tipped it yet? It looks like you were close on some of those turns.

HELLOOooo from the NE:D
What a super job on the bot. Very good design looks like it is fast an moves well. How many laps can you get in the 2:15 time? Hope Team 148 has a super time with this one, should be a HOOT. See you in GA good luck!!!
Team 88 TJ2 and MOE :yikes:

Very complicated but really nice drivetrain 148
wat kind of wheels are u guys using?

That is one neat little robot there.
It’s good to see the “Neun-a-gon” going strong!
Can’t wait to see it in competition.

Those appear to be 4" Colson Wheels.

If it’s a keyed and locked hub (looks that way to me), then it’s most likely the NPC wheel - close cousin to the Colson.

Just throwing in my “WOW” :eek:. Brilliant!

Simply amazing… :eek:

How fast can you complete a lap on an empty track?

Nothing I can say really shows how amazing I think that robot is. I’m going to watch its matches with interest.

Well, there’s that i word by the e word you could use, followed by another i word:
Inspired by engineers and an innovative design.