Team 148: Robowranglers Video

Check out the video compiled for the Team 148 team banquet/party.

Looks great! but Technology in FIRST is misspelled. :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet… :slight_smile:

Outstanding editing.

Quick question, what was the song used for the intro?

furthermore, what editing software was used?? great job on the vid.

Looks like the video was edited by Michael (please correct me if I am wrong).

Awesome video, great editing. The one thing that caught my attention about this video was that this is the first team video I have seen where they showed other teams performance as well. Team 148 went on to put a spoiler on and they were successful, right after team 118 takes the same spoiler off and goes out to the other side of the field while 148 plays defense on them.

Can’t wait to see you guys in action at IRI. Good luck.

Thats an awesome video! great job!

I. Love. 148.

Edit; the video is good too :stuck_out_tongue: seriously, that’s some really good editing, the sync with the music is amazing. Props to your video team.