Team 1482's shooter

Shooting threes.

I am so glad that we have the shooter basically finished

That is awesome! We have been working with different types of motors/wheels to develop a shooter very similar with yours. What motor/gear reduction do you have on your shooter?

Awesome indexer by the way. That is exactly what we have as well!

We’re using a belt attached to a CIM.I don’t know what the reduction is off-hand but I can check tonight.
EDIT: There’s no reduction (1:1 ratio)

Why list a private video?

Unfortunately, the video is private. I’m very excited to be competing against you at the Calgary regional. It’ll be interesting to see what Calgary’s oldest team has to offer.

I wasn’t aware that the video was made private, when I posted this thread it was still public. I’m not in charge of the team Youtube account so I’m not sure when this happened. Sorry about that.