Team 1493 presents Dr. K

Looking forward to Finger Lakes and Tech Valley Regionals

Team 1493 Reveal


WOW!! That’s awesome!
Wish we were going to one of those events to see it up close!

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This is a fun looking bot, and what looks like a great use of evaluating what the teams resources are, knowing the rules, and clean execution.

Seriously when paired with the correct partners this makes an ALLIANCE very dangerous.

Nice work 1493.


I love a specialist robot, even more when its a “drivers” robot. Best of luck this season!


Can you hold multiple cubes at once? This is probably the only way we see a 5 game piece auto this season.

We can only hold 1 game piece at a time- we are rather small 22”x22” so when intake stows back into robot we have no way to fit 2.

Shooting 5 game pieces has been done- actually scoring 5 from that distance would take a small miracle


I love this so much.

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Awesome job! Can’t wait to see what it can do this week!

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Great robot! Our team came to a very similar robot design after evaluating our own team limits this year.

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That robot looks insanely fast at cycling. Can’t wait to compete with/against y’all this weekend!!


Team 1493 wrapped up our season this past weekend at TVR.

We took a risk with our strategy to shoot cubes and focus on just one game element. We think the risk payed off and had a great season. Some fun stats that we are proud of that we pulled from Statbotics about our performance.

#3 in world for bottom row cycles- 5.3
#2 in world for cube cycles- 6.6
70th total telop cycles 6.3
99th total cycles- 7.4
EPA 48
*These stats do not include the cubes that ended up just outside the nodes that partners pushed in for points.

Good luck to everyone the rest of the season


Love this robot! 1923 pivoted to a fast, low cg cube cycler after our arm snapped off in the first 30 seconds of our first quals match at our first event and we haven’t looked back since.

Can you share the scripts you ran to get those stats? I’d love to see how we stack up after our last event.


The new EPA breakdown on Statbotics is where we pulled it from.

From looking at the stats I would put 1923, 1493, 4766, and 4400 as the best pure cube cycling robots this year.

I love love love this 1493 robot and am quite sad it won’t get to play more this season. If New York went to a district system this robot advances to worlds 9 out of 10 times.

The ridiculously fast single substation cycles in particular are so, so fun to watch.


This is an excellent point. To add on to it, specialist robots like this often don’t get to play to their full potential until deeper events like a DCMP or WCMP where they can consistently partner up with complimentary robots.