Team 1501 is coming to play

Check out these videos of our robot in action.

or this:

and/or this:

Many thanks to our videographer Chris Ellston.
See you all at BMR

Many people wondered where Steve Spurrier’s famed $@#$@#$@#$@#-'N-Fire offense went during the second half of the University of South Carolina’s football season.

I can now see quite clearly that it packed up and went to Indiana, where it has been put to good use. (But, uh, we wouldn’t mind getting it back for the fall.)

Simply amazing–I’m going to have to see this one at some point.

Your robot looks like a building in CNC3 :smiley:

Like it!

The videos are the same, just different formats. “different strokes, for different folks”.

Do you guys have any pneumatic accumulators on your robot? Those pistons are HUGE!

Saw your guys robot yesterday at the Muncie practice, awesome!


Do you guys have any pneumatic accumulators on your robot? Those pistons are HUGE!

Just a few. 4 actually :smiley:

You guys had a great robot too.


Can you knock it off the overpass?

Very impressive. Your robot looks absoltutely sick and should compete quite well.
Did you name her yet?

did i see a CMU cam on there?!?!?!

Can you knock it off the overpass?

We will be adding a device to knock the ball off. It was just finished before the Muncie practice and didn’t get installed on the bot.

did i see a CMU cam on there?!?!?!

Yes you did. Our excellent programmers have made it possible to track either the red or the blue ball whether it’s on the rack or the floor.
In the video you see it chasing a student that has the blue ball :ahh:

Great use of the CMU camera. Congrats to your programmers for a job well done. Love the bot.

Tilted launching forklift, eh?
Sounds like what we are doing.

Our robot is exactly the same as yours… :slight_smile:

I love it, but I’m biased… it looks like our “Track-a-pult” has a twin of sorts! :smiley:

You throw the ball quite a bit farther (thanks to your primary use of surgical tubing rather than our motor+surgical [2cims and 2fp]), and definitely have better programming, but otherwise we’re very similar. We even had the same problem with the ball rolling forward in the gripper forks during launch (seen in the slowmotion clip).

Did you name her yet?

The robot’s name is “Phoenix”

Somehow you guys always seem to make the coolest looking and working robots, I don’t know how you do it! I love the approach you took, and I’m glad to see that you are still employing the same awesome robot construction techniques that you usually do.

Do you guys happen to have a bunch of pictures of your completed robot? I want to stare at it for a couple of hours…

For 1501, I’m not sure I’d call that a problem. Hey, it works!

On another note–Poor overpass! (Near the end, it fired right under an overpass.)

That looks really good! It looks to have an innovative design, as well as an effective one. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

When we are ready, normally after our regional, we will list all the pictures here:

Your more than welcome to view last year’s BUILD SEASON pictures. Last year, Wayne took over 400+ pictures for the 2007 robot!

Awesome Robot and fantastic engineering to solve the problem. My hat is off to you.

Looks good, it reminds me a a water balloon launcher, except it is a one robot trackball launcher.:smiley: