Team 1501 Presents: RR Pit Scout, a Teaser to the Soon to be Free Android App

The scouting programming department of team 1501 would like to present a teaser to our newest pit scouting app. RR Pit Scout will be available for FREE on the Google Play Store by the end of February.

How does it work? *he askes innocently :smiley:

Just beware of that team 9999… they are a handful!

Great App! I love the flexibility o being able to transfer the data into another database to analyze it.

Any plans to make a match scouting app?

Not this year unfortunately. 1501 will be match scouting on laptops. I hope to have a match scouting app in the future.

The app is now available for download!

Download the app here: [ tscouter]( tscouter)

Visit the apps help page: