Team 1504's Website--Critiques Requested!

So I know that it’s very primitive, but this is the new website that I created from scratch (yes I actually learned how to code html!) for our rookie team. Any basic criticism or suggestions for additions to the site would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:

:slight_smile: I like it! For your first website, it’s simple, plain, and organized—3 of the best attributes. It needs work, but all websites do. The best you can do is ask around for good tutorial pages and html help centers, look around at other teams’ pages, and just keep expanding on the website until you love it.

Be sure to check out the tutorials at - they’re a lifesaver.

If you want better hosting than the free server you’re on right now, I’d be happy to give you a subdomain on my personal domain, at which point you could either keep for free or buy a domain name for ~ $10/year and have your very own or or whatever you’d like. If you’re interested or need any help in the future, don’t hesitate to let me know.

P.S. Try out a color besides that yellow for the heading of each page—it’s a bit hard to read against the similarly-colored background.

While it is primitive, it’s simplistic and to the point. The only true problem I have is the yellow on the headings, it’s hard to read. I suggest just going with black headings.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help!!!

I like the general look of the site but there are a few things you may want to change:

Links can be colored to go along with your team colors or not change color when clicked on by putting LINK=RRGGBB (how they start) and VLINK=RRGGBB (color when viewed) inside your body tag, changing them to however you would like (I think that making them the same color before and after makes it look better).

Also the SOAP link brings you to a redirect, so instead of putting that site just put the site that their link leads you to, which saves users time and frustration if they are trying to get back to your site but keep getting redirected back to SOAP’s.

This idea would also solve the previous problem, but you could make all external links open in new windows by putting TARGET=“resource window” inside the <A> tag. Then the user can just close that window when they want to return instead of having to hit back and run into problems like the one above.

Also on image links you could use the link tags to color the borders around them or you can just get rid of the border altogether by putting BORDER=“0” inside the <IMG> tag.

Hope this helps.

-Steve Howland

Not bad for a start, check out some other simple websites (ours, and other teams for some ideas in layouts. I’d first start with creating some nice buttons for navigation, then add a rollover effect to them.

BTW, go Buckeyes. :wink:

Joe Matt
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As long as you’re coding by hand, you might want to take it a little bit further and learn CSS. CSS basically controls the way things look, and lets them format better on different machines. You’re already halfway there, because valid XHTML/CSS doesn’t use tables, and neither are you. is an excellent resource to learn. They have little sandboxes you can play around in.

Otherwise, a Spartan website for the Spartan team! :smiley:

You’ve made a good-looking, simplistic site. It looks as though you’re on the way to adding more content, which is great. I have a few pointers for you after looking at your HTML.

First, you have two <body> tags. Only one is allowed (and necessary!). You only need the <body bgcolor="#DFE6A6">, the <body text> thing doesn’t do anything. Also, you put content ahead of the body tag, which is also not allowed. An HTML document should be in the order of: <html><head>…</head><body>…</body></html>.

Where you have tags like <align=“right”></align=“right”>, they should be something like <div align=“right”></div> or <span align=“right”></span>.

You’re using <image src="…"> once in there, accidently (it should be <img src="…"> instead, like you used in the next pictures).

There’s also a stray tag or two in there which can sometimes cause problems with browsers. (Like an opening tag with no closing.)

If you run into problems with keeping your tags in line, start by putting each tag on a new line and indenting in for everything inside that tag. It really helps to keep things simple.

I hope this helps! The page looks great, just a few minor technical errors :slight_smile: You’re doing awesome for a beginner, though.

Thanks for all the help guys! If anyone else has any more ideas, please feel free to shoot them at me!