Team 1515 MorTorq Presents: MorTeam!

Team 1515 MorTorq Presents: MorTeam!

Just in time for build season, MorTeam is a team organizational application particularly geared towards FRC teams. MorTeam comes in a variety of clients: website (, Android app, and iOS app (Coming soon). Our application allows each FRC team (or any team for that matter) to create a team group on MorTeam. Individual team members can then create individual accounts and register to their team. Once in a team, users can post announcements for everyone to see (or just a group of people - it’s adjustable!), chat with other team members individually or in groups, assign tasks to users, and more! For now, MorTeam is still in beta with new features and bug-fixes being added regularly.

Android app:
iOS app: Coming soon

Full Feature List

  • Team creation:*
    Users can join their respective team
  • Announcement posting:*
    Set visibility to whole team, or just specific members
  • Subdivision creation:*
    Specific subdivisions for certain groups (e.g. programming, build, business, leaders)
  • Chat:*
    Group or individual chats
  • Tasks:*
    Leaders can assign tasks to users with a deadline
  • Calendar:*
    Team events or meetings can be posted on the calendar
    Attendance can be taken for each event
  • User profiles:*
    Users can view their own profile as well as those of others
    Profiles list contact information, attendance, and tasks
  • Drive:*
    Cloud storage for team files such as pictures or Word documents
    More coming soon!

Github Repositories
Android App:
iOS App:

If you have any questions, comments, or bug fixes, please let us know through this forum, or on our Github repositories!

This looks like a great tool! 1073 was considering changing their internal communication means as it’s currently a combination of a google group and Asana… I’ll play around with it and recommend it to the leads group as a whole. Hopefully other teams find it as useful as I think it would be.

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for your interest. How did your test drive with MorTeam go? At this point we’re very open to new ideas, if you have any, because MorTeam is still in Beta and we do not have a solid grasp of what the community as a whole has interest in. :slight_smile:

For anyone that is interested in MorTeam, here are some screenshots:

I done goofed…

You see, I created a new team for my team. Then while exploring, set myself as member instead of remaining admin…
I am still the only member of the team and am unsure of whether or not I would be able to still set another member as the admin. I don’t seem to be able to change myself back from member to admin and I am worried.

Would I be able to make myself admin again until another member joins the team? How so if I can?

Hey, I managed to manually update your status to admin. However, I think I should also add restrictions on demoting the only admin on the team :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for trying MorTeam. Hope you like it!