Team 1515's 2008 Robot

* Weight: 118.7 lbs
* Height: 59 in
* Width: 27 in
* Length: 37 in
* Drive: 4 Motor / 4 Gearbox / 6 Wheel / 9fps
* Arm: 3 Motor Elastic Assisted
* Pneumatics: Claw and Punch
* Hybrid: Knock the ball off with Robot Coach assisted dead reckoning
* Scores: Hurdling, Herding, Placing
* Original Weight: 135 lbs.
* Diet: Freshmen, Car Batteries, Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches
* Ideas: Redundancy, Simplicity and Efficiency
* Nicknames: Orange Fever, The Black Hole

Note: we’re switching the drive motor chains in the back from 25 to 35 and moving the motors up the super structure to reduce the length of chain.

Expect a video soon.

Looks great!!! how close are you to violating the 80" rule?

very spiffy. I’m surprised you found time to build a bot while taping y’alls show:p Good luck in '08!

Haha we’re like right on the dot with the 80" rule.

i hate the rule and i love the scissor lift design