The software team of FIRST Robotics team 151 the Tough Techs has created a simulation of the 2007 challenge. We invite you all to try it out and send us you high scores and feedback.

Get the game hereor here

Between the ship date and Nationals it is planned that we will add a nice GUI.

Wow:ahh: This thing is totally awsome. Thanks 151.

It would be nice to say that you must type a letter THEN a number… Otherwise the game crashes. And how do you use a spoiler??? It would be nice to have some instructions…

to use a spoiler type in an already captured spider leg. great game could be helpful in explaing the game

We made a game like this (a physical version) however it doesn’t seem to be a real fun “game”. We like playing it where each person puts on three at a time. Like you grab three, then you say go, and both people place 3. Taking turns 1 vs 1 gets kind of boring in my opinion, too much like tic-tac-toe.

Im not great with txt based games. can i get some instructions? PLease.

Yes, i was going crazy trying to figure this out.

I made a game simulator in python with a tcl/tk GUI. My AI can be set to 3 levels: offense, medium, defense.

I calculate the best possible move for the level (o. always places ringer, m. does all, and d. places/removes spoilers if it is worth it)

So if you play the game with a computer, you get nice results. But if you play CPU vs. CPU, and they are not both offense, they always end up with a 5-or-so chain and one CPU places a spoiler, the other removes, CPU places it… I still have to fix that :smiley:

uh, software guys arent good, at dealing with customers… (Office Space, all rights reserved :stuck_out_tongue: )
ill have a quick chat with my software guy tonight, and ill post rules, i promise!


Sorry, I took for granted people could not peer into the brilliance which is my mind to receive game instructions. Basically, the notation is like chess “<letter><number>”, (the freezing is due to the way scanf() works, and I am too lazy to write good error checking) to place spoilers merely select an already claimed space and to remove a spoiler select a place a spoiler has been placed. To my knowledge playing as blue under difficulties 0 or -1 is unbeatable. Also, the capital letters are keepers.

This has been fun to play with, really quite a challenge on the harder levels.

On a side note, when playing as red against -1 difficulty the opponent spends forever thinking after move7 and I gave up after waiting 5 minutes. Is this a glitch in the game, or is it really supposed to think for like 10 minutes?

And I keep getting sooooo close to beating 0 and -1 as blue. Curse spoilers!

For some reason when I tried to use a spoiler it did not count for me, instead it just added another spoiler tube to my opponent. Is this part of the game to simulate if you dropped a tube?

That’s because your opponent just took the spoiler right back off, meaning they now have it. You can do the same thing when they place one.

Nope, try this on the very hard as blue


You should win. Also, I’m very interested in the code you’re using for the AI. If you’d let me see it, that’d be really awsome but I understand if you don’t want to.

If your still up for the challenge try beating it on the secret eaperimental mode ‘-2’. WARNING: this will take a long time to move.

Aack!!! Not the -2!!! :ahh:

Why would the color team make a difference?
I have beaten it twice on hard and a few times on easy…With blue. But for some reason I can’t beat normal…Go Figure.

it is easier to give the computer the first move (as red), so you can place the last spoiler.

Wow does it ever take a long time to move… but I beat that one too. :cool:
It is a fun game though.