team 151's gearboxes

hi people,

team 151’s brandy new gear boxes work SUPERB!!

one of our teachers took some pictures yesterday and u should be getting pics soon i will post them when i get them



Hey Greg,

As a proud former team member of team 151, I must ask you to just watch what you post a little more. You’ve talked up the 151 bot a little too much and sometime you post with noting to say. It sounds like you guys are going for a complicated and potentially great bot this year. But remember things will go wrong, and I have total faith in you guys to pull it off, and do great this year. Just remember the element of surprise is a great one. So good luck. If you post less your posts will have greater meaning.

Chris C.
Team 151 Wildcards: 00-02
Team 229 Divison by Zero: 03-??

Just remember KISS

(Keep it simple stupid)


i havent gotten the pics yet!

i will have them by the weekend