Team 1527 Electrical/Pneumatic box (Built)

Attached are some low quality images (had to use my phone) of our electrical/pneumatic box, this is based off our concept drawing that i posted a few weeks ago. What do you guys think?

wow looks really nice!

it makes me almost want to copy the idea!

nahh we got ours all laid out already, but that looks really nice. good job!

what’s the total weight of that monster?

looks awesome.

11 lbs, lol, if we need to for weight purposes we will switch to zip ties for the clippard tanks instead of ubolts.

It looks so organized… oh wait, there aren’t any wires, no wonder it looks so neat! :yikes:

Seriously though, it looks good and I’d love to see it after you wire it up.

Make sure you post the post-wire phase pictures!

If you can make it look just as neat with wires, I will be so impressed!

lol, ill be sure to take some pics tomorrow after we wire it all :wink:

I recommend you add wires. Those are the long red and black spools with copper inside.