Team 1533 Swerve

Team 1533 Triple Strange presents Strange Swerve!

After some experimentation with swerve drive this past summer, we decided to go with a four-wheel independently driven and steered system for the 2015 season. We designed the modules based on Team 221 LLC.'s Revolution 2 modules, but they are slightly more compact. The mounting point is brought down to just above the wheels to reduce cantilever on the modules upon impact with other robots. The swerve module sits in self-contained box with an Andymark 9015 motor with PG71 planetary gearbox for steering and CIM motor to drive. On the Andymark motor is a magnetic absolute position encoder and we plan to add a quadrature encoder to the CIM motor. The boxes allow for quick replacing and will attach to almost any chassis we choose.

On the programming side, we are able to track the robot’s position on the field using the encoders on one module and a gyro. Also with the gyro, the robot can use either robot-centric or field-centric controls. Bringing position tracking and field-centric control together, the robot can drive to any target location while at the same time turning to a target angle.

All CAD models, pictures, and Java code are available at:

If I were you, I would do everything you could to keep that top sheet metal flange from stopping where the modules start.

Neat! I like the triforce symbols on the sides. :stuck_out_tongue:
I will take a look at the cad and see if there’s some other cool stuff in here.
What’s the weight of each module, with all the motors and gearboxes?