Team 1533 Triple Strange 2020 Robot: Decimus

We had a lot of fun competing at the UNC Pembroke district event. Hopefully, we will have more opportunities to play this amazing game.

Edit (by request, here are the pertinent details):

Drive - Swerve (no surprise there), NEO drive w/ 8:1 to 4" Colson Wheels, NEO 550 Steering

Intake - pneumatic 4 bar intake actuation, 2" mechanum vectored intake driven by a NEO 550

PC Magazine - 5 ball storage with top/bottom belt conveyor

Shooter - 4" Fairlane Roller wheel driven by 2 NEOs, Adjustable hood turret (Did we put a turret on a swerve drive? Yes we did!).

Climber - two 4-stage telescoping climb arms with linear spring extension and rope/winch retraction.

Pat Sajak (a.k.a WOF spinner) - 4" Compliant wheels mounted on first stage of climber (motor and gearing TBD).

Buddy Climb - folding forks that deploy out of bottom (main climb is used to lift both robots once buddy is loaded).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


I was so excited to see how the robot would do with auto-aiming. Hopefully I get to see that at some point.

Fabulous job at Pembroke.


Awesome bot. Team 7443 and our bot Kobe enjoyed playing with y’all last weekend. Our most consistent matches were with you. Wish we could of had the opportunity to play with y’all even more. Hopefully we can all compete again once everything settles down.

A truly awesome shooter. Your performance at Pembroke was impressive in the extreme, especially the fast cycle times that were coupled with that shooting. Just sorry we didn’t have a chance to meet on the field. Hopefully, that can be changed, if nothing else then at THOR.