Team 1538 presents: Daisy Cowapult

Team 1538, The Holy Cows proudly presents: Daisy Cowapult

Additional photos located at:

4WD - 4CIM Drivetrain
2 Sided Intake
1, 2, 3 Ball Autonomous ( )

Looks really good :smiley: !
I really like those intake rollers on linear slides (or at least I assume that is what that slot is for on the intake arms).

Amazing design and attention to detail. Any videos of the 3-ball auto?


Awesome bot! Digging the clean wiring job!

Beautiful robot.

Very nice looking machine! Any chance of a reveal video?:rolleyes:

Maybe we’ll post up our 3 ball auto video :wink:

C’mon man, we put ours up :wink:

Gorgeous robot, can’t wait to check it out.

Ask and you shall receive! Cows posted this on their facebook page:

Here is the 3 ball auto video requested


Awesome robot as always. Still the best wiring job in FRC, we tired to be close this year but it’s not close. 1538 spends so much time on the little details.

that is a truly gorgeous robot, and I’m so jealous of your amazing wiring, it must be a piece of cake troubleshooting! I’m impressed :slight_smile:

So when David said our bots were similar this year, he meant very, very similar.

Except Daisy Cowapult is simply beautiful. Well done 1538, can’t wait to see this work of art at CMP, good luck this weekend!


Agreed 100%. Truly mind-blowing how clean this wiring job is. This is the really the type of wiring all FRC teams should aspire to.

Great Looking robot once again from the Holy Cows. Nice Work! I love the floating rollers, nice feature.

I can’t wait to see it in action.

I have been in complete awe of the sliding intake rollers. Brilliant idea!

And a clean, crisp robot, like always!

Your wiring looks beautiful. Have you had any connection issues with the radio mounted so close the the PD board and converter due to the interference they create?

I look forward to ogling this in Las Vegas.

Looking good! How many pushups for the nicked PWM cable?

Great looking and working bot there Holy Cows!

Was looking at the pics (and the video), and really hate to be a killjoy over such super superb workmanship, but thought I might point something you just may have overlooked out.

It appears to me that the Compressor Relief Valve is incorrectly connected in the pic if that is your compressor that is mounted in the belley pan opposite the sidecar, and that Compressor Relief Valve is mounted about a full foot or more higher up (Attached by tubing perchance? Hard to tell w/ white tubing and a white background).

Info below from the 22014 Robot Inspection Form:

(Compressor Relief Valve – set to 125 psi, attached to (or through legal fittings not tube) comp. outlet port.<R87, R78-B>

If I am wrong, please accept my sincere apology. (Just thought better to know now than later at inspection time).

Good Luck this season.