Team 1540 Chairman's Video and Essay

Hi everyone –

Team 1540: The Flaming Chickens is proud to present our 2017 Chairman’s essay / executive summary and video, linked below. We are beyond ecstatic to have won both the Wilsonville District Chairman’s Award, and the Pacific Northwest District Championship Chairman’s Award this year. We are also looking forward to presenting for the Chairman’s Award for the eighth time in our team’s history in Houston this week. If anyone has any questions about our Chairman’s programs, either comment below or browse through, especially!



We look forward to seeing everyone at Houston in just a few days!

You’re like a little Jacob, that’s adorable. 1540 always shows how FIRST is supposed to be done, and this year’s Chairmans’ video and essay are no exception to that. Fantastic job, Flaming Chickens!

Weird, it’s like we’re related or something :wink:

but seriously, so proud to be an alum of this phenomenal team (and of my amazing little brother). Good luck in Houston!