Team 1546 Apology

I am Brett Kassof, head programmer of Team 1546. I would like to take this time to apologize for one of our member’s behavior on the programming forums (Red Mage). As a freshmen he did not understand the nature of posting on the forums, resulting in his immature and un-FIRST like posts. This is in no way the attitude of our team, but just a mistake by one of our younger members. Team 1546 takes gracious professionalism very seriously, and wish to spread this message to our community outside of Robotics. Gracious professionalism is something that our team has greatly benefited from at regionals and nationals, and we hope that as we progress, we will be able to help out teams the way some helped us. Red Mage’s actions are not condoned; we have taken time to direct our newer members in how to correctly post on CD. Thank you for your time, and good luck in the last weeks of build season.

Brett Kassof
Team 1546
Programming Leader

That is a very good thing that you did. I did not see the posts mentioned, but I applaud you on apologizing for something you didn’t even personally do. Good job! :]

That’s what mentors do.

Some students do it too when his/her class doesn’t behave well for a substitute teacher. :slight_smile: Anonymous sticky notes work well for this purpose.