Team 155 Technonuts Hybrid Video

Nutty in Hybrid mode:

Nutty throwing out the “FIRST” pitch at a Rockcats baseball game:

Looks pretty good, can’t wait to compete with/against you in Boston.

whats the timing on that? do you get 5 lines in a single period? either way, thats alot of points you guys just racked up. good work!

Looking at the video, those angled and tapered front bumpers might be an inspection issue at your events. Are they within the standard robot footprint of 38 in by 28 in (and therefore valid as custom bumpers)? If not, it’s unlikely that they meet the requirements of the standard bumper design (as evidenced particularly well by the video between 0:11 and 0:13).

And if you take them off, is enough of your perimeter covered by bumpers to meet the minimum?

Also, you risk running afoul of the wedge rule, <R19>, if you run into other robots with those wedges, even if they’re soft.