Team 1551 Chairman's Award Video

This video was put together by Lissa Brautigam (Sophomore) and Ben Pulver (Junior), neither of whom had ever made a video before!

Nice Video!

Thank you, sir!

Well done! We just finished ours last night - I appreciate the hard work the students do here.
I was worried about the Star Wars music throughout the video, thinking of how to break it to you that it’s copyrighted and thus the whole video is not able to be submitted - then I saw the last frames! Good job! Did you contact Lucasfilms yourselves? What was that interchange like?

First off:

The Star Wars theme is used with permission from Lucasfilm Ltd.

This is awesome.

Great video guys! I love to see all the amazing things Rochester FIRST teams are doing!

We sent an e-mail and asked, their legal department replied with a “yes” – there wasn’t much more to it than that! (The fun part is that the kids did this without my knowledge.)