Team 1551 Shooter and Turret



Nice job, looks great. What RPM’s does your turret go at.

Um… Alot? They’re direct-driven CIMs.


Wowzers, a direct drive CIM. But the reduction is pretty big due to the size of the gear that meshes with the turret.

The rollers are pretty big, so that gives us a very large reduction. In any case, we can throw the ball clear across the shop, and that’s pretty good!

Some minor tweaking is still in order, but we’re close to done with the robot, mechanically.


I love the water barrel, is that going on your final robot?

Wow, thatz neat. I was like a cim for shooting the ball. Thatz a bit much, ya think?:ahh::ahh::ahh::ahh:

It’s not a water barrel – it’s a wine barrel, donated from the Canandaigua Wine Company…

Our team name is “The Grapes of Wrath”, named because we are in the heart of Finger Lakes wine country. So when we were looking for a hopper, it just all matched up really nicely.


P.S. And that’s two CIM motors shooting the ball!