team 1557-royal flush

this is our 2008 robot

its two wheel drive with a caster in the back right and two skyway wheels in th back left

the scissor lift worked great we had to turn it down to 50 psi to get the best control of the ball on 60 psi it would actually launch the ball over the overpass from about 4 or 5 feet away

the forks worked good also to save weight we riveted the together but one side broke off in a practice match so we bolted it back on and it stayed there

we just tipped the scales at 119.1 pounds!

we were very durable and never had any problems even when in one match another robot exploded off of us( could someone find this clip?)


bare bones

with the scissors up

awsome angle

top down

launching trackball in parade

any questions
many more pictures at

Nice bot, I really like the etching on it

on top of the scissor lift? that was from the disk grinder the mentors thought it was “groovy”

Our mentors did that a few years ago and they thought it looked cool. Nice Bot.