Team 1557 Scouting Program (2009) -- ALPHA Stuff!

Greetings All,

I am one of the programming mentors from Team 1557 and I have been told that several people have contacted on of our people asking about our Scouting program.
Although I am still working on some of the code for the scouting program, I am happy to present some screenshots as well as a link to a rough alpha version of the program.

I wanted to make sure to post this information just in case some people were wanting to bring some windows mobile devices to the championships to collect data.

The system requirements for the data collection unit (the handheld) are:

Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) 2003 or above (I will post two versions, one for touch devices and one for non-touch devices).

Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2.0 (can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website here:

The system requirements for the computer are (You can use laptops in lieu of handhelds – at least that is what I am planning at this point):

Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (probably will work on 2000 as well, if I have time I will test it on 2000)
Microsoft .Net 2.0 (can be downloaded here:
Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 or MSDE (I plan to support both, right now I have been working on a 2000 version, and will try to get it to work in 2005, I think that this should be no problem). Once I have the central tabulator written and ready to go, I will post install for both versions.

So now for a small explanation of how this works:

You have several people doing scouting on several devices collecting scouting information. This information is stored in a special “Object” database on the device.

You bring the devices to a single computer where a person downloads the data, and this data is then tabulated. This data will consist of both observational data (for instance, one of your team members going from pit to pit looking at robots) and scoring data (final scores and each members estimization of how the team he/she was observing actually did in the competition). This data is then tabulated (either on the device where it is tabulated against the other match information collected) or on the central tabulator (where it is matched up against all available data) to help you understand your opponents.

Note, as of right now (today) I have completed only the device side of the equation. The device can (right now) collect data and I am partially finished with the tabulation part. I will be working on finishing the device side tonight, converting the device collection program for PC use, and then writing the central tabulator. I will be posting upadates to this site with screenshots for you to see how I am progressing.

I will be posting the code somewhere (either here in ZIP format or to SourceForge). The code was written (obviously) in Visual Studio 2005. I write all my stuff in C#.

You can download the early ALPHA version here – WARNING: I have had problems removing links to the program from the program files after uninstall. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK

Here are some screenshots:
Setting up a team
Adding a robot
Creating a match

Scoring the match, and then adding in the subjective performance score

I will be posting more screenshots and (possibly) some videos showing use.

Hopefully this is found to be useful,

FRC Team 1557 Programming Mentor


hopefully this will be as effective as we need it to be…

Final Versions of this has been posted:

I will be posting videos on YouTube on how to use this program and install it as well.



Videos on how to use this program (and install) are here



A couple of changes from above system requirements:

  1. You cannot use this on NON touch devices (if you use a wheel on your mobile device, then this means you)

  2. This does not require SQL server. I ended up just using DB4O on the tabulator as well.

If anyone is interested in the source code, I would be happy to package it up and put it on line.



Really cool, I saw another thread about an Iphone app that can track the first events. I think It would be really cool if this could almost become a new blue alliance of live online team scouting tips that can be accessed, so teams can receive not only statistics, but also notes on team performance at other regionals, and at that regional.