Team 1559 Inventor Webpage

well all said and done here is Devil-Techs CAD webpage. I put an awful lot of work into it, and i hope everyone can enjoy it and PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!

on a side note I added a page where people can access inventor files in Inventor 11 format for future competitions. Some of the parts are the most accurate pieces on the net.

I should have rollover buttons properly working by tuesday, as well as a table i didn’t allow to stretch properly.

Thanks everyone!!! i loved this project so much

This is awsome, especially the pneumatics, the colors and textures are sweet.

Thanks for making this available to everyone.

Also, huge thanks for being on our alliance at FLR!!!

That looks great, I am really impressed with the details, it looks like a 103 submittion. Good Luck!

Indeed, very very nice job guys! Excellent detail about the design process, something you don’t see with most teams, just a finished bot, but no explanation of how it got there. Looks like we’ll be seeing this at the top in ATL!

On a side note…did you do the wiring and tubing in 3DS Max or Inventor?

Thanks for the downloads too! Now I have an excuse to finally upgrade to 11…

Thanks everyone! I put SO much work into this and it is such a relief to hear that you guys are appreciating it.

And code red: you guys have one of the coolest bots i have seen in a very long time and i really enjoyed being on your team.

As far as the design went, I did not use 3ds max at all, cause i don’t know how to, as much as I would like to learn. I picked up on how to use the tubing and wire harness features as i went, so all the wires are routed through the segments. I think i wired it 3 times before I realized how it was actually done.

Wow great job. How much time and man power did you put in to that? For 177, me and four other students put more hrs into are submission then we could count. Its great to see what students can accomplish!

well considering i did it on my own, an awful lot. I didnt just spend the robotics season on it, but a lot of my summer was put into preformatting the webpage, figuring out how to wire, making parts in the kop, etc.

but for the feedback that people like you have given me it was totally worth it.

I was a little confused on your PM. Would you like to know how we did the render, or the chain, or the render of the chain?

Fantastic job. Really nicely done.


I PM’d you again with another - the chain construction. With links being so small you must be on a level of detail of like 30.

And thank you so much for the additional compliments - they make this whole thing all worth it, even if I don’t have the winning entry.

Negfrequency, in a few days i will post a thread on making good looking chain the easy fast way.

~Matthew Pietkevich

Let me make a prediction, you, 871, and us (103) are going to make top five. And even if you aren’t going to win this year, the work you did is amamzing. Not too many teams have put in submissions like us and you have proven yourself to be one of the very few. I would be very pleased if you were on my design crew.

And I want everyone to know that, at least in my point of view, I do not do this for some award. I do it, as negfrequency has, becasue I love it. There is nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing than this right here. A lot of people are starting to loose the spirit of FIRST, but I will never forget its impact on me. The organization has a lot of heart. It’s about passion, dedication, inspiration, and the impact you leave behind.

Best of luck to you, and all teams this year.


Nicely put. FIRST is nothing without the spirit that it was built from.

And I like your prediction :slight_smile:

Good luck to all.

Thank you, and best of luck this year!

negfrequency you did a great job. Also i agree with Robert. I think you deserved one of the top 5 spots. I hope you don’t get discouraged and go for it again next year. Sometimes things don’t work out in your favor, you just need to look past that and try just as hard next year. I just wanted to let you know how i felt.

~Matthew Pietkevich
Team 177 FIRST must of forgotten to post are website on the Inventor submission page. To bad they didn’t replay back to any of are 10 emails we sent, about this mistake they made. Good Luck Next Year!