Team 1574 MisCar: 2021 Full Robot Reveal

MisCar 1574 is proud to present our 17th robot!

After the indefinite postponing of the 2020 season competitions, we’ve decided to plan, strategize, and redesign our 2020 robot. We built a new robot from the ground up for the 2021 season.

Full Robot CAD


  • Intake wheel for constant funnel velocity and angle
  • 270° turret
  • Hood
  • Upper shooting wheel
  • Flywheel
  • Quick 4-screws disassembly

Revolver & Intake:

  • Parallel 4-bar intake mechanism
  • Wide and fast intake
  • Frictionless pipes around the Revolver enable smooth rotation
  • A folding omni wheel interrupts rotation only when shooting


  • 6-wheel West Coast Drive featuring 4 Falcon 500 motors
  • In-house designed and produced dog shifter drive gearbox

Our INFINITE RECHARGE at Home Skills Competition Scores:

  • 40 Points in Interstellar Accuracy
  • 60 Points in the Power Port Challenge
  • 57.28 seconds in the Hyperdrive Challenge
  • 35.32 seconds in the AutoNav Challenge

AT HOME Playlist

We also participated in the Orbit infinite Restart off-season events #1 and #2, held in Binyamina (thank you Orbit 1690). We won event #1 finals alongside team 1690 and… We ranked 3rd in event #2’s qualifications and reached the semi finals with Steampunk 1577.

Building the robot was a challenge but we had tons of fun meeting each other (under COVID restrictions and national as well as regional guidelines) and manufacturing a brand new robot with all of the excitement involved. We are happy the seniors got to graduate with a fun taste of excitement.