Team 1583's 6 wheel modular drive prototype

Here’s a YouTube video of our 6 wheel modular drive prototype that we worked on during the offseason. The drive is housed in a 2x5 inch piece of rectagular aluminum tubing. The current drive is designed to operate at 6 fps. With this years game we’re looking at tweaking the final drive ratio to give us a little more speed. For those interested the prototype weighs 17 lbs with motor.

It looks like it works really well na dis really well designed, out of curiosity were you planning on leaving it in that housing because I acn imagine that it could be hard to work on and possibly be heavy?

Hi Bob, Yes it will stay in the 2x5 rectangular tubing. One of the main concepts of this design is ‘modular’. That means we can pull four pins and easily (in a few minutes) remove and replace the drive. Since both right and left drives are identical one spare drive will fit either side. With the spare drive in place on the robot we’ll have time to repair what broke. In our testing so far the drive is very robust so we hope we won’t have to fix it very often. The prototype drive as you see it weighs 17 pounds. The competition drive will weigh about two pounds less.

Could always just put some lighting holes in it. Are 2006 robot looked like swiss cheese but hey it was underweight.

It looks great… But if i remember right i think those transmissions are illegal

BaneBots sells a similar transmission, but not the same as the ones in the KOP last year.

Or they could face-mount the ToughBox tranny onto their drive module.

It would probably be a lot more reliable than the Banebot 56mm tranny in a drive-train application.

Seconded. It’s also lighter for 2 motors.

We’re probably going with the new banebot transmission. They are really improved and “beefed up” from last year. In addition we don’t have to change a thing to use them. Our design also has room for using the banebot encoders. The encoders and the rate gyro make our drivetrain very “driveable”.