Team 1584, robot lifters

Theres still much work to do (building a platform of sorts for other robots to drive onto the lifts, outriggers for stabiliation…), but they move with considerable strength and relavtively speedy (about 3-4 sec with no load). I can’t confirm they will actually lift a 130lb+ robot, but we built them to do so, we just can’t test them in full action until we get some sturdy bracing done. One side is mounted, one is still waiting, but they are the same.

Also, if anyone has ideas or suggestions for a platform that could hold a robot nicely ( i know with unpredictable wheel configurations its rather hard), but we need something to go on top of these forks that will reliably keep anything that drives on top of it in place (although there will not be any swaying, if all goes as planned…). As of right now, one idea so to have a folded piece of polycarbonate that is bolted to the forks and simply form small ramps on the sides…

there is really no need to include the pictures within the thread becuase they are on cd-media.
other then that.

it looks like a great setup and im interested how it turns out when it’s all finished.

Those parts look amazing.

Looks like a nice idea though…post up a video of it in action…I’d like to see how it works out.

This looks like very good work. Particularly, the use of ball bearings as rollers is pretty clever and looks really clean.

If you don’t mind answering a few questions:

  • What do the outriggers look like and how do they function to prevent the robot from tipping over during a lift?

  • What is the expected height of the platform above the carpet when the lift is lowered?

  • What are you considering for use as your platform?

  • How much does it weigh?

  • By what method are the lifts kept within the starting footprint and how are they deployed?

Looks great!


Do you plan to have robots drive onto that? if so how do accommodate for different wheel bases or is there going to be a flat platform placed over it? Or do you plan do lift them by going under the chassis?

How do you plan on keeping stable as you lift another robot or maybe 2?

Looks great. Nice work with the rachets.

Just wondering if you planned on using the forks to score. A forklift design was our first idea. We planned on using the suction cup on the bottom of a fork to grab the rings, but things got to complicated for our tiny brains.:smiley:

Great Questions…

  1. the outriggers do not exist yet! we have several different designs underway, one where they fold down with the platforms and then lock, one where they shoot out from under the robot laterally, niether exist yet as we are still trying to find the best way to do that.

  2. those are 2" i-beam, so approximatly 2". however small ramps will be in place on all 3 sides (as well as a center platform) so a robot can drive onto it.

  3. Polycarbonate (with holes), whatever else pops up thats better, any suggestions???

  4. the entire lifting system with all components, motors, cable, whatever else, for both sides is about 40lbs, so 20lbs per side.

  5. I should have put up a picture of them folded up, what happens is those ball bearings ride along the outside and inside of the upright i-beam, and the whole mechanism hinges. The inner bearings and the ones on the back of the upright i-beam stay within the i-beam, while the front ones move when hinging, maybe i should just post a video of it folding down and then raising.

We will park, and they will drive onto us, we are still working on figuring out the best platform design to accomidate most robots, another option we’ve been throwing around is to make the whole thing adjustable and we could set the distance between the forks before matches to fit whatever robots we will be working with.

as mentioned before, outriggers that either fold down and lock or slide out, or maybe someone has a brilliant suggestion.

The scoring arm is another completely seperate system, these are dedicated robot lifters.