Team 1592 Robot Reveal 2017

Team 1592, The Bionic Tigers, Present our 2017 Robot: Dark Matter


4 Wheel Continuous Rotation Swerve

775Pro Drive Motor Geared to 12 FPS with SRX Mag Encoder

BAG Turning Motor Through a 70:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox and Integrated Encoder

Fuel Gatherer

Over-the-Bumper Style 5 Fuel Wide Gatherer

Expanding Hopper Attachment with 100+ Fuel Capacity

Ground Gear Gatherer

Within-the-Bumper Ground Gear Pickup

Folds Up Within the Robot and Rotates to Place Gear on Peg

Storage Bed and Shooter Indexer

Powered by a series of 775Pro Motors

Two Rollers and Belt Drive fuel from Storage Tank into Indexer, increasing the speed of the fuel along the way

Shooter and Climber

Kicker wheel powered by 1 775Pro motor

Shooter Wheel and Climbing Drum powered by 2 775Pro Motors Through Custom Gearbox. Gearbox Provides Power to Both Shooter and Climbing Drum Without the Need for Shifting or PTO

Current weight is about 110lbs!

Dark Matter will be competing at the Orlando and Midwest Regionals.
Video coming soon!

Nice. Extremely similar to 148!

very nice and clean! Good luck this year!

First… Dark Matter? REALLY come on… :stuck_out_tongue:

Second, gonna need to see closeups of those swerve modules.

Hi Chris,

Very impressive can’t wait to see this in Orlando. Swerve!?!? :ahh:

Good luck guys.


Wish you guys were coming to Colorado again this year! Would’ve loved to see Dark Matter!

I seent videos of this guy. Very impressive robot. Should definitely be pretty dominant on the field as long as it doesn’t get crushed in a car accident. (too soon?)

Aaaaaaand the Orlando hype only builds. It’s a very short list of Tigers that I root for, but I can’t wait to see this machine up close.

This is a pretty sick robot. I’m actually really sad I won’t get to see it in person this year.