Team 1592 Robot

Meet Bonnie.

I’m not going to lie, put that is one clean looking robot. Very well done. Good luck at your regional(s)!

Thanks and it has a twin =)

4 CIM drivetrain
2 Andymark motors for intake and tower w/ 16:1 gearbox
1 RS550 for bridge knocker w/ 256:1 gearbox
1 RS550 for turret w/ 64:1 gearbox
1 RS550 for shooter intake rollers w/ 16:1 gearbox
1 RS775 for shooter wheels w/ 4:1 gearbox

Here is a video of one of our semi final matches at Orlando where we score 12 points in hybrid and 27 points in tele-op.

…a PROVEN winner! Congrats on the great performance in Orlando with PINK and Resistance. We’re looking forward to seeing you at S. FL.


Thanks Eric, team 1592 had a great time playing SPAM in the finals.

We are looking forward to playing with you in south Florida in a few weeks.


Great looking bot and awesome drive team.

South Florida should be fun! Go Tigers! :wink:

Thanks Dave, 1251 was an amazing bridge balancer at Orlando.

Team 1592 looks forward to playing with you at South Florida in 2 weeks.