Team 1594's 1st website

hey, so in the past, we’ve never actually had a website/competed for a web award
so check out our site, its not done content wise but stylewise, it is
and tell me if anything doesnt work/looks bad on your computer, etc. or if we’re missing anything from the usual criteria please?

Thank you!

Generally I like it! I think it is refreshing when people try new layouts versus the traditional tabs, and your site is still intuitive to navigate.

I think the font over the pictures is a bit hard to read but maybe it is just me. Also, the mouse overs on the images can sometimes take a while to process. Maybe this is a factor of the image size? Maybe experimenting with different formats and compression with the images would be valuable.

Overall nice work!

Very attractive frontpage! And I really enjoyed the content so far. Your team bios are really fun.

The connections on History and Mission gave me a “not found”, other than that it was easy to tell what was waiting for content. There was a comment about the color selection, crimson and gold, but it really comes across more as red and pale yellow. After reading about the school colors, I was actually more curious about the team colors being blue and bright green? So I hope the reason for that will be in the team history section.

I liked that you had the matching links at the bottom of the page, so you could choose the navigation method. I had no delays in page loading.

Great start!

I agree with fsayre, the font for the front page link should be white outlined in black like the other pages on your site, it is MUCH more readable. The black with white outline is hard to distinguish especially when written bottom to top. Also sticking with a consistent “look and feel” distinguishes great websites from good websites :]


Anyone else tilt their heads to read the words on the front page?

I know this may have been said about 3 times already, but i really do like your links and the way the site was constructed. This year is the first year our team is really building up a good website as well.

thanks everyone!

yeah, the content isnt up for the team part yet… im waiting for captains to email me history etc.

I’ll definitely see how it looks using white with black outlining for the homepage, i dont recall if i had a reason why i didnt in the first place, lol.

thanks again,
<3 Rhia

HATE the font over the images. Some of it I still don’t know what it says.

The images take too long to download. I have 1.5mbps DSL, and noticed how long it took.

I like the layout, and if you can get the download size down a little I think it could be really good.

Good luck.

Nice layout for your site. Good luck. I put the competition video in a flash animation and streamed an flv. Kind of saves bandwidth. :slight_smile:

One comment though. I hate frames. :X iframe is not valid XHTML. :slight_smile: