Team 1595 Final Robot Video!!! L@@K!!!!

Ok, I finally got a video finished for our robot driving around. It is about 4:30 long. GO to this address to view:
Mr. Roboto (Right click and click save target as to download.)

Hope you enjoy them.

Please post feedback.

SGS Dragons

Very cool especially lifting up that goal.

Very impressive. The rookie teams that I’ve seen so far this year (including my own) have been great! Best of luck in Portland!

Looking good. Interesting perspective in the beginning of the video.

AWESOME…you guys really rock my world…i am pretty much sure that yours is the best one i’ve seen so far. there is 100% chance for you guys to wint he competition. Good Job. and Good Luck

Looks awesome, lots of pneumatics. BTW you spelled Oregon wrong (Organ)

Sweet video and SWEET robot!!! Thanks for sharing before the ship date when a lot more people will start sharing secrets about their robots. Your robot looks rather quick and strong…you just might want to use the next few days to practice driving a lot. Good luck at competition.

One request: Never EVER start a video with that kind of flashing again! it hurt my eyes :ahh:

Otherwise nice job :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback. WE are going to be practicing driving all this weekend. It will be fun. THanks again.

SGS Dragons