Team 1595 Robot IT'S COOL!

Ok, here you go. Here are two pictures of our robot when we shipped it. It still has work to be done on it once we get down to Las Vegas, but it is really sweet!!! Let me know whe you all think and ask any questions you want.

Team Driver/Designer

Any comments? Anyone?

without seeing it in action its very hard to guess what it does?

Nope. You’re not coming to Portland and I won’t get to see your cool wheels in action, so you are just going to have to get your comments somewhere else…

Oh, thanks, lol
Will you be at Nats?


We will miss you at Portland, I was looking forward to partnering up again!

That looks cool, just wish there were somewhat better pictures at least.

I really like your wheels

Are those mecanums?

Why yes they are. I will get some more pics soon.


You collect driving sideways, thats a really clever idea. Nice use of the advantages of your drivetrain. I know as a driver that would take me a bit to get used to, but still very, very nice. Mechanum for a second year team is really quite impressive. What you might produce in future years terrifies me.

how does that work collecting sideways can the robot move sideways forwards and backwards

Yes, we are able to drive in a 360degree area. We can actually pick balls up from both sides of the robot. It makes it that much more effective. It’s really cool.