Team 1599 at Sonic Tools (Ashland, VA) Scrimmage

Here is a video of our almost final robot at the scrimmage on Sunday. We learned a lot running with other teams on the same field, both strengths, weaknesses and a few good strategies for alliances with different type robots. We have fixed the “shelf” syndrome that we were experiencing in our bin and added a couple other minor tweaks. KISS seems to work very well in this year’s game! Let us know what you think… :slight_smile:

Atlee 1599 robot at Sonic Tools scrimmage

Thanks for looking!

We had a great time playing with you all over the weekend. Your drive train is killer and we can’t wait to see you folks at VCU on the 19th.

We are very proud that our bot is entirely student designed and built too! :slight_smile:

Heyyy I remember you guys!!! You guys should totally bring your amazing free hug giving pirates =P

How high is your robot in relation to the hole of the fueling station?