Team 1599 protype videos on game floor

Here are some videos taken last weekend of our prototype #2 with and without a trailer:
Without trailer
Pulling trailer 1
Pulling trailer 2

Let us know what you think… :slight_smile:

A few questions:

Is your robot 6WD with dropped center axle (for purposes of this discussion, treat tandem wheels as one wheel)

What is the weight of the robot in its shown configuration?

Do you have any sort of active traction control implemented? (other than human intervention)

There are 10 wheels total. 8 wheel drive on 2 motors with 2 passive front wheels. As for the weight, this is just a prototype and I don’t know the actual weight, but we drove it bare and with 50 lbs worth of weights bolted to the top for comparison and there wasn’t a great deal of difference in maneuverability. Hopefully this weekend we’ll be able to try our collector as well…

I would call that proof of concept. Thanks for putting up this video, it seems to show the character of the regolith very well. I gotta make sure our driver sees this. From a physics perspective, I don’t quite get the dualie wheel config, why did you guys opt for it?

Looks good, however it would be good to put bumpers on your robot, or at least in the back. The extra 2 inches makes driving alot different.

This was just a test and it was the student’s design. I believe it’s based on a big rig truck (18 wheeler) design. They wanted to try 12 wheel drive, but that got voted down…:smiley:

Good point. I’ll bring it up at the build this evening…

HELLOOooo from the North East :smiley:
Very nice job on the base looks like 8 drive wheels will do the job super. How is the top coming along? If it is as good as the base you should be in great form this year . We at TJ2 are still moving along with our new bot this year, GOOD LUCK AND we WILL SEE YOU IN VA THIS YEAR look us up.:yikes: It will be a 10-12 Hr bus ride:ahh:
MOE and Team 88 TJ2 oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!! TYE DYE for ever…

Hellooooo Moe! So you’ll be running with us at VCU? We’ll definitely be looking for you. Our top is half done, as is our real frame and control system. This vid was our betabot with the old electronics running the tank drive. We hope to have a fully functional final bot this week.
Btw… I’m sporting my tie dye right now :slight_smile: See you soon!