Team 159's Photoshoot

We’ll see you at the Denver Regionals and at Nationals, everybody.

cant see them

Fix’d. Forgot to read the sticky at the top concerning attachments and photo links.

5 cims
4 for drive
1 to pull back kicker
1 FP to drive the dribble bar

Mecanum drive:
Cg is 1.5 inches off one direction and 1 the other
with ramping code, it gets about 8 feet per second any direction, we can speed it up to a theoretical max of 14

Designer: me

It’s indestructible, by the way.

No, I bet a flame thrower can do the job

What is your front roller covered with? Is it just some kind of tubing?

nice cant wait to see you guys at the regional

… and this is the quickest way to jinx yourself.

Could I unjinx myself if I were to remind you guys that the titanic was “indestructible” as well?

Better to pray to the robot gods for forgiveness :eek:

The gods haven’t liked me lately, at least not the Tetris god… But whatever, the point of saying that is that we think it’s built very well, but if it does manage to break we’re screwed.

Nah, don’t say that.

It’s just another oppertunity to show your resiliance to the judges :wink:

nah dude, if it breaks we drill clearance holes, and use nuts and blots instead, im only really worried about the C channel for the bumpers

we got the “against all odds” award at one off season competition because our robot was breaking so much lol
every single time a judge came to our pit, the robot was in pieces being fixed…
we played in every one of our matches though! and we still did pretty good

I like your lighting method by the way!
looks awesome…