Team 1610 Presents "Frank"

This is our first ever reveal video with last-minute footage. We’ll try to do better next year.


“All-Vex-Everything” Chassis/Drivetrain - This turned out great for us as a small town team with few resources and no engineers.

  • Versachassis Frame
  • 2 CIM Ball Shifter Drivetrain
  • VersaWheel, VersaBlock, VersaHub, VersaPulley belt drive

Additional dual Mini-CIM Ball Shifter powered winch
Pneumatic “gate latch” lock and release mechanism for catapult
Ball pickup similar to Ri3D running Banebots wheels on a belt driven 0.5" hex shaft

Note: Robot name has nothing to do with the current FRC Director, purely coincidence.

Looking great guys. We’re looking forward to coming down for some practice and playing this year’s game at both VA and Chesapeake with you guys. See you soon.

I’m really liking the name of this robot! :smiley:

Good looking robot guys. I’m loving it:cool:

I’m always a fan of a compact machine, but the ball really likes to bounce around once you’ve rolled it in. You’ll have to be careful of defenders trying to spoil your shots ::safety::

I agree. That’s why my team’s bot has side panels on our intake. Without them, a hit from another bot or a sudden turn can cause us to lose control of the ball. Plus, we needed a place to put our sponsors!

We noticed that (first two shots in the video) and the drivers began holding down the ball with the ball pickup while driving and getting into position (last few shots of the video). Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Good to know you’ve got it under control. Our robot has a similar issue for sponsor placement, we just need our side panels and sponsor labels.

Looks good, can’t wait to see it at VCU.


There are side panels on it, but they are a little hard to see in the video.
The one Go Pro shot where you see it roll around the most the driver
had made a hard stop near the 18 foot line. Like Kyle said they had also
learned to trap the ball using the pick up arm. (two of the Go Pro shots
show the arm coming down on the ball to help hold it). We’re working
on a practice robot so they can get even better at driving and shooting.
Keep in mind this was shot on Bag and Tag day and mainly because of
snow days and waiting for parts we lost at least 7 days. They only had
about four hours to practice on and off (and also keep in mind our veteran
drivers graduated last year) So they didn’t do too bad. We’ll see what they
can do after the practice bot is done and at VCU.