Team 1612 - Need Some Hosting Help

Team 1612 would like to extend a thanks to all of those who congradualted us at the Florida Regional for the Website Award.

I know a lot of other competitiors were looking forward to visiting the site, we’re sorry about the downtime, I was not planning on the large influx of visitors and the server crashed ^_^;

We’re working on it, but if anybody has a temporary server we could borrow, that would be great. I can change nameservers or redirect, either would be fine. The site is 33MB with multimedia, 6MB without. I can take down the multimedia with the temporary hosting if need be.

Please contact via e-mail or AIM, I should be online all afternoon.
AIM: kittykatrascal

Sandy Russello

lol mr. kinkaid ever tell you i own a reselling webhosting account? :slight_smile: ill contact you and get you setup asap. To get the DNS redirected would take a day or two, may I recommend just redirecting to a temporary location.

Well, we’re up and running again. Thanks! :slight_smile:

You speak too soon grasshopper. It’s busy or down again. I’m looking forward to seeing it though.

You might’ve caught it right when I was reuploading the index, try again :slight_smile: