Team 1619: 2017 Robot

Team 1619 is proud to present our robot for the 2017 season.

Really good looking robot and I have to say, this is probably a top 3 robot video this year for me; well done 1619.

This video is amazingly good, but it almost gives a sense of gentleness to your robot. People in Utah and Colorado, listen up: DO NOT BE LULLED. This robot is a MONSTER, and it is driven like it. It is insanely powerful, and quick, and tough. You’re looking at a world class machine, people.

Wow, this video was amazing, the editing made it stand out, and the robot was the icing on the cake:)

Can’t wait to see this robot in action, another great robot from Up a Creek!

Wow great robot, excited to see it compete in Utah! Best of luck from the Highlanders.

Dang. That’s all I can say.

Good luck to you all Utah!

Can’t wait to take a closer look at this robot on Thursday! Excellent video.

Incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video that well edited in my FRC days. Same goes for your robot. Beauty.

Also, neat!

So that could very well be a video of both a competition bot and a VERY identical practice robot, but the two reasons why I think that’s actually just one robot with awesome video editing is because #1 the robots never come in contact with each over or go near each other and #2 as a twin, I would never wear the same exact outfit down to the haircut as my twin brother, so those pilots are probably one person copied with the same video editing.

Regardless, great robot and great video!

Oh yeah, and go Buffs!

I love the shot of your 2014 robot launching fuel. I really was hoping someone out there would build a gigantic, fire-all-the-fuel-at-once, spray and pray catapult mechanism.

We did. It’s called Event Horizon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, incredible job. I can see this robot going really far.:ahh:

Is your gear-dustpan passive outside of its ability to rotate up and down?

This is the robot that we intended to build this year, but you guys look like you executed it perfectly. Nice autonomous and great video editing. Looking to see you guys at Houston Champs this year!

Incredible video and robot. Hoping to see it in person!

Love the video and love the robot!

I’m not them but I’ve seen it up close. The dustpan has an active roller intake.

Really top notch video and editing, plus a great looking robot!

Great looking robot guys! Can’t wait to see it (and compete with/against it) in Denver! Good luck in Utah!

Yup, if you look at the closeup shots of when they intake a few gears in the video:, you can spot a thin black roller in the back of the dustpan.

Ok, I see it hiding behind the square tube now.