Team 1619 - 2018 Reveal

Team 1619, Up-A-Creek Robotics, is proud to present our 2018 Robot:
Our students worked hard to get to this point, and we are thankful to our parents, mentors, and sponsors for their time and gracious support.

So good.

As always awesome job! Good luck this weekend and See you in Denver soon!

Awesome looking robot. I love the over-the-back elevator delivery!

I really love how that top roller set works to pick up cubes in both orientations.

Good luck in Hub City this weekend!

Looks very nice!

Amazing robot guys! Can’t wait to see y’all in Colorado, and good luck in Hub City!

I want to say more. Look, I love your robot and think it will be competitive at the highest level. But the best part of reveal videos has always been the visceral thrill of the combination of cinematography, editing, music, and of course the robot itself. I’ve gotten head rushes from videos by 1986, 118, 148, and others for years. This video tops them all, it gets me emotional. In a way I am glad that this is a program for students, and that you will eventually lose your videographer, because that young person will go on to touch the world through film. FIRST needs to hire her/him/them.

I saw this post yesterday, and I’ve been waiting with excitement ever since.
This looks like a fantastic robot! I absolutely love the intake and arm geometry. It looks like a better version of what Citrus had in their unveil.


Awesome robot this year! The horizontal intake is super impressive. 4944 will be cheering you guys on this weekend!

Again, another video from 1619 with absolutely fantastic cinematography work. Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to notice that the robot looks great as well! :smiley: Good luck this season!

Absolutely awesome. That intake is sweet and the range of motion on that arm looks great for scoring forward or backwards at a tall max height. Can’t wait to see this robot compete.

Nice 1619 intake there ;). Looks amazing, I can’t wait to see this at Denver.
Video is AMAZING as per usual, best of luck this weekend!

I hope you are good friends with your FTAs! There’s more than one thing sitting on the field! Did you design anything special to not rip off the cable carriers if you have the intake down, or is it just a mix of driver skill and good field tape? Love how the arm can flip around the top of the elevator!

Thanks for the shout out, Mr. Noble! I was the one who made the video, I worked really hard on it so I really appreciate the support. You will be glad to hear, this is definetly not the last video to come this year (recaps already on the way).

We loved watching your robot at Utah, and are excited to play with you at Colorado!