Team 1619: 2019 Regional Recap Videos

Up-A-Creek Robotics has had an electrifying 2019 season so far. We are pleased to present our 2019 Regional recaps:

Oklahoma City:


Special shoutout to all of our excellent alliance partners throughout the season: 4005, 6026, 1410, 4068.

Up next: Championship (Turing Division)

Robot reveal:


I’m always so blown away by the production quality of 1619’s recaps. I wouldn’t mind seeing a “behind the scenes” video showing how they’re made, if you are willing to put something like that together.


Was there any consideration for “how artsy will it look?” when narrowing down a climber design? You easily have the most aesthetically pleasing climb this year.



Happy accident then.

It was an honor and a pleasure playing alongside you guys. I’ll have to come find you and say hello in Houston.

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